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 't Spiegeltheater  (Mirror Theatre)



Theater room with 137 comfotable seats



The Theatre


‘t Spiegeltheater (Mirror Theatre) is part of the Stichting (foundation) Arduin and officially opened on December 14, 2002.
The theatre is situated on the outskirts of Middelburg (J.V. Sprengerlaan 6, 4335 SJ Middelburg).

’t Spiegeltheater has a full theater room with comfortable chairs, to seat 137 persons.

The theater stage has a flat floor,10 by 11 meters wide and 5 meters high.
The seats have a stand layout and all have a good view on the stage.
Light, sound and changing rooms are sufficiently present.
In addition to the theater is a nice Grand Café.

The theatre and Grand Café can be rented by everyone.
For information and specific questions about technique, you can call: 0031 (0)118-656701 or 0031 (0)118 656703. You can also email:












 Theatergroup Duinart


Theater Duinart

‘t Spiegeltheater (Mirror Theatre) is the home of Theater Duinart. This theater group consists of 15 people with intellectual disabilities. They work daily in the theatre and the Grand Café.

The actors have a solid, full job within the theater. The emphasis is on training in all aspects related to the theater. There are workshops by professional directors around acting, singing and dancing. The theater technique (light and sound) and décor construction take a clear position.
Each year Theater Duinart makes various professional performances. During the auditions for these performances there is no distinction between people with disabilities and other performers without restriction. Starting with de talents of the various actors and achieving the maximum result.

The strength of Duinart lies in cooperating with people who have one goal in mind: Together making beautiful theater.


Since 2002, Theater Duinart played several successful performances, for example: ‘The Snowqueen’, ‘The Elephantman’, ‘The wizard of Oz’, ‘Rats’ and ‘Scrooge & Marley’.

Theater Duinart also makes performances for schools, which promotes the acceptance and integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

In order to work in the theater there first are a number of auditions and a probationary period of two months.




The play Red Roses en Jasmine


The play had its first run in De Meervaart in Amsterdam on 3 September 2009,

during the ‘7th European Congress of Mental Health in Intellectual Disability’.


The play was subtitled in English during the performance. 


Some photo's


From October 2009 until February 2010 'Red Roses & Jasmine' has been played for 12 times.

In October and November 2010 is was played 2 times.

All the performances were very succesfull.


Here you can see the trailer of 'Red Roses & Jasmine"    (in Dutch, made by Peter Vierhout)